More Model Ts

Loaded and Ready to Go

We drove over to Sacramento California to pick up our "New Car".

I modified our old target trailer to haul the Model T back to Kanab.

Eric in 1926 Model T

Nancy took my picture in our 1926 Model T.

In reality Nancy has been having so much fun driving the car that I haven't had a chance to drive it.

Grandma's 1917 Touring Car

When we told my mother about our "New Car", she said she had some pictures that I might be interested in.  She sent these next two pictures.

Here is a picture taken in 1917.

The Gent on the left is my Great-grandfather. 
The man in the middle is my Great Uncle
The woman is my Grandmother. 

The 1917 Model T Touring car belongs to my Grandmother.  My Great-grandmother did not think a young single woman should have her own car but my Grandmother always was her own person.

Grandpa's 1921 Model TT

Here is a picture taken a few years later in 1921.

My Grandfather is driving a Model TT in the family's lemon orchard in Chula Vista, California

Frank's Tour
Frank Olsen, who lives down the street from us, has been setting up small tours with the other Model T owners here in town.
Frank and Ivy are in the lead in their 1919 Roadster Pickup.
Jim and Joyce Ross are in their 1925 Tudor.

We are going to join Reed (Rattler) Olsen who was driving a Model T Speedster.

Nancy Driving

Here we are turning onto the main drag from Aikens Lodge.

The four Model T's took a tour out Johnson Canyon which is about 11 miles east of Kanab.

The TV set for Gunsmoke is located in Johnson Canyon and is visable from the road

Check out our 1921 Model T Speedster

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