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Tour Cars June 20 - 26, 2009 The Canyon Country Model T Club of Flagstaff Arizona put on "CANYONLAND'S TOUR III" for the Model T Ford Club of America. The tour headquarters was here in Kanab. There were 202 Model T's on the tour.

June 19, the Kanab car club, "The Red Rock Roadrunners" was having their informal car show on Main Street. Three Model Ts that were in town early stopped to ask directions to a restaurant. We talked the drivers into parking their Model Ts with the hot rods.

 Nancy started talking to Nick Ellingwood and his wife Thelma who owned one of the Model Ts. Nick and Thelma spent a lot of time explaining how the Model T worked and talking about all the places they had been this summer with their Model T.

Nancy was really interested.

In The Park

Read what the Southern Utah News had to say about the Tour.

Sunday June 21, all 202 Model Ts were in the Kanab City Park for an ice cream social with the community. We went and looked and looked and looked.

Nancy was more interested.

I got on the Internet that night to see if I could find one we could afford.

I sent out a couple of e-mails to people who had Model Ts listed for sale.

IThe North Rim of the Grand Canuyon
Larry Ciuffo, from San Diego, answered my e-mail. He said the Model T he had listed was sold.

Larry also said he was in Kanab and invited Nancy and I to ride with he and his wife Cindy, in his 1914 Touring car, to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The picture on the left is of Cindy and Larry at the entrance to the North Rim.

Needless to say, he did not have to twist our arms. We jumped at the chance.

We had a great time and met so many great people while we were at the North Rim.

Nancy and I were really sold on Model Ts by the time we got home.

1926 Model T Runabout

I found a 1926 Model T Runabout on ebay.

The owner was very honest about the condition of the car and spent a lot of time answering my e-mails, so we started bidding.

We were very excited when we found that we had the high bid and now owned our own Model T.

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