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Making the Hardware As soon as Doyle finished with the framing, I ordered the steel for the tracks and the roof.

Unfortunately it took a couple of weeks before our schedule and Page Steel's schedule finally meshed. I spent the time building the studs to hold the rails to the building and the hardware for the support structure that would support the rails.

I was talking to Doyle and telling him how I was going to weld studs to the rails to hold everything together. To me studs were threaded pieces of steel. To Doyle studs were 2X4s used to frame buildings.

Doyle was confused untill I drew some pictures. I need to find a different name for studs.

I used an 8 foot piece of 1/2 inch all-thread to build most of the hardware

steel arrives

The steel finally arrived from Page Steel.

Nancy and I moved the steel from the semi trailer to our Model T trailer.

I was ready to start cutting steel and ready to start welding.

Support structure

I did not have time to build the anchor bolts for the concrete footers. I drilled the concrete footers and used concrete anchors to hold the uprights.

I welded plates on the bottom of the support columns.

Nancy and I put everything together and squared everything.

The easy part was done.

Track Tubing

The tracks are 29 feet long.

Here is the tubing for the tracks after welding.

The tubing is 3 inch square tubing with .120 inch wall thickness.


Here I am welding the 1 inch X 1 inch X .250 inch angle to the top of the tubing to make the track.

I also welded on end plates to keep "critters" out of the rails.


The bad thing about trying to work outside in the winter is the snow!!

I lost a few days to bad weather.

At least I had a chance to get my web pages up to date.

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