Lassen College Gunsmithing 2006

This is the entrance to the College.
The grounds are beautiful!
This was the view from the dining room window in our 5th Wheel.

When you live in the desert, this is really nice!
This Is The RV Parking.

The parking is about 50 Feet from the Gunsmithing Building.
Bob starts each day with a lecture about the guns that will be covered that day.

The video system allows each student to see the smallest detail of each gun.
Bob uses the board to explain sear and trigger angle.

Alway have a slightly positive sear angle!!
After the lecture the students go to work on the guns.

Bob is always circulating and ready to help or answer questions if needed.
Jim drove from Montana to take the class.

Jim is working on his revolver.
Grizzly Peak Jake
SASS #62299 Life
working on his revolvers.

More Photos From lassen 2006 Summer Gunsmithing

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